Sunday, 3 January 2016

LUX (Beginnings - Obsidian and Onyx) review - written by Jennifer L. Armatrout

Quick overview of book 1 (Obsidian):
Meet Layla, 17 year old girl, who just moved with her mother to a town so small it only has one traffic light. Enter the alien who lives next door. Daemon is out-of-this-world hot... that is until he opens his mouth. Too put it simply, he has a not-so-stellar personality. But when Daemon freezes time and a stranger attacks, Layla becomes a beacon, leading a galaxy full of enemy’s right to her door. To survive Layla and Daemon must stick close. That is if they don’t kill each other first.

(Book 1&2 in the LUX series: Obsidian and Onyx by Jennifer L. Armatrout)

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Personal opinion of the book:
To be honest, when I started to read this book I was still getting over my book-hangover from the Dark Elements series. But I managed to get over that pretty quickly because this book is amazing. I purchased this book as a 2-in-1, it’s called LUX: Beginnings and it has both Obsidian and Onyx in it (although I will primarily be referring to book 1 so I don’t give away any spoilers). Both of these books are amazing and I am so happy that I had the second book ready to read as soon as I finished the first one. The characters are lovable and the relationship between Layla and Daemon take you on a roller-coaster. I also LOVE that Jennifer L. Armatrout, at the end of the book, always writes in the POV (point of view) of the male characters. Through seeing just a snippet into the males head, you really do fall for them just that little bit more. Another point for Armatrout! Seriously, this is a great young adult novel and I must say that although I normally am not the biggest fan of alien books, this won me over and my thoughts on aliens are forever changed.

Quote of the book (book 1):
You’re perfect for me – Daemon

Books in the LUX series:
  1. Obsidian 
  2. Onyx 
  3. Opal
  4. Origin
  5. Opposition
Prequel - Shadows 
Book 1.5 (book 1 told in Daemon's POV) - Oblivion 

If you like … then try …:
If you liked the LUX series I recommend trying I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. Both book are based around aliens and are in a series that are bound to keep you interested for a long time to come. The cool thing about I am Number Four is that it is written in the males POV and has some really cool characters. 

Star rating (out of 5):
I give LUX: Beginnings a rating of 4.5/5 stars. This book (1&2) were written in an absolutely superb way and props to Jennifer L. Armatrout for conquering a really hard topic such as aliens. I think that I would have probably given this book a full 5 start rating if I hadn’t have read the Dark Element series right before this one.

Woohoo! My second book review! Thank you so much for checking out this review! It is amazing to think that a fellow book lover may be inspired to read a great book series because of this review. 
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