Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ignited review - written by Desni Dantone

Attention! This review will contain spoilers that will reveal the story line and events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review. 

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Quick overview:
17 year old Kris Young, has always known that she was different, she has also always known that someone has been watching her. From the time she was 3 she has had a guardian angel watching over her, as weird as that is, this guardian angel has not aged over the past 14 years. 
When a horrible accident shakes Kris' life and the only person able to comfort her is the mysterious new boy in town. Kris doesn't know what to believe when her guardian angel turns out to be an ass, and a hot one at that. 
On the run for her life, Kris is about to discover that not all the myths are made up and that she is caught in a very real war between good and evil... But she doesn't get a choice is the side she chooses, it has already chosen her...

(Book 1 in the Ignited series: Ignited by Desni Dantone)

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Personal opinion on the book:
When I fist saw the sign-on to read and review this book I knew, from just reading the blurb, that even if I wasn't asked to review it I would read it. The book went from what I like to call a "wattpad cliche" to a completely individual book with an absolutely unique story line. What I mean by saying "wattpad cliche" is that for the first two chapters it had the feel of being a normal love triangle story line. But trust me, this book proved me wrong and quickly changed into an action/adventure story with the perfect amount of romance between the characters. For most of the book I was left guessing what the magical element of the story was about, was it vampires? Werewolves? Ghosts? Nope it just had to turn out to be my absolute all time favorite, (drum roll please) Greek mythology!!! 
I am not even kidding, when I found out that the magical element was Greek mythology I freaked out and had to give myself a timeout to calm down... 
I HAVE to praise Desni Dantone for the pace at which she wrote this book, I find that sometimes with books like this one, the author rushes and doesn't provide enough of a back story. Or they take too long to establish the story and as a result the book may drag on. 
But Desni Dentone was flawless in the pace at which she wrote this book and the way that she ended it has me wishing that I could stop writing this review and go out to buy the next book in the series right now! 
Now to the characters in the story, let me firstly say that for the fist time in ages! I haven't immediately picked a ship to backup... Which is so very unlike me. 
Desni Dantone! I have you to blame for my lack of loyalty between male characters! Both Alec and Nathan are swoon-worthy and have great personalities, while they are polar opposes they are also both just right for Kris. 
Overall, I absolutely LOVED this book and just want to say it was very well written and I adore the Greek mythology intertwined withing the plot. 

Quote of the book:

Isn't it obvious? ... I care about you. - Nathan

Books in the series:

  1. Ignited
  2. Sacrifice 
  3. Salvaged Soul
  4. Avenging Heart 

If you like... then try...:
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Star rating (out of 5):
Overall, I give this book a star rating of 4.75/5 stars. I really enjoyed reading this book and found that it is something that I would read again and again. 

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I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to read and review this book, I loved the story line, characters and the way in which the book was written. 
A huge thanks to YA Bound Book Tours for organizing and giving me the chance to review this book. Also, make sure to support the amazing author of this book Desni Dantone as well as purchasing Ignited on Barnes and Noble. 

Until next time, keep reading!