Friday, 22 January 2016

Crown of Midnight review - written by Sarah J. Maas

Attention! This review may contain spoilers that could reveal the story line or events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would just like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review. 

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Quick overview:
After winning the title of the kings champion, Celaena is now under the order of the king and must commit murder in his name. Unable to bring herself to kill for the crown, Celaena is putting everyone she has ever loved or cared about in danger with every death she fakes. Caught between two devoted men who love her, a kingdom in need and her duties to the king, Celaena has found that there is a greater danger that the king and his agenda... 
Through the help of an arrogant talking door nob and a dead queen, Celaena must discover the evil that lurks in this world and destroy it before it is too late...

(Book 2 in the Throne of Glass series: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas)

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Personal opinion on the book:
This book seriously left me drowning in a puddle of feels! (As shown in the amazingly realistic gif below.)

I adore all of the characters in this book series and have finally found a ship that I wholeheartedly agree with #captainoftheguard! In all seriousness, the twist and turns in this plot was like a roller coaster, and I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat, only to fall off because of the major plot twist! I am typically disappointed with second books in series, but this book was freaking amazing and I am so happy to have started this series! Another bonus is that there are quite a few books in this series and I already have purchased the third book! 
At times I wanted to throw this book and at other times, all I wanted was a big box of tissues because I was crying so much! Thank you Sarah J. Maas for breaking my heart while at the same time bringing me so much joy... 
Overall, this book held the perfect amount of romance and heaps of action. Adored this book!

Quote of the book:

I'd still pick you. I'll always pick you. - Celaena
Books in the series:
  1. Throne of Glass
  2. Crown of Midnight 
  3. Heir of Fire 
  4. Queen of Shadows
  5. Coming soon! (expected publishing date: September 6th 2016)
Book containing all five novellas: The Assassin's Blade

If you like... then try...:

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Star rating (out of 5):
I give this amazing book a star rating of 4.8/5 stars. This book was fantastic and its series must be read by all YA fans! 

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Firstly, I just want to once again bring attention to how amazing this book is and how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 
Secondly, I am seriously the silliest person ever! I have gone a bit crazy and signed up to be apart of over 10(!!!) book tours/book blitz! All of which happen over the next 2-3 months! I still want to be apart of all of them, but I am seriously just so overwhelmed... With the school year starting back I really need to try and get on top of my reading!
Okay, that's my rant done! Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoyed the review!

Until next time, keep reading!