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Heir of Fire review - written by Sarah J. Maas

Attention! This review may contain spoilers that could reveal the story line or events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would just like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review. 

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Quick overview:
Sent to kill her own people, Celaena must decide: assassin or queen? With dark forces gathering, and war on the horizon, Celaena, her friends and all the people around her must prepare themselves. But with Celaena still in grieving about her friends death and not being able to access her fae powers, she must learn from an immortal, tattooed warrior that you must fight for what you believe in...
But what is it Celaena is fighting for?

(Book 3 in the Throne of Glass series: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas)

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Personal opinion on the book:
This book was absolutely amazing! I think that I liked this book WAY better than the second one, and I absolutely adored the second book! 
Once again, this book left me mentally and physically hurt! I just couldn't deal with all of the amazing story lines and POV's going on at once. 

Above is a video of me when I finished this book...
Let's start at the beginning: At first, I was thinking that this book was going to be based wholly around Celaena feeling bad for herself, but she is one frickin' tough cookie and toughened up and kicked some serious ASS! I LOVED the fact that she learnt how to use her fae powers, and she is just SO powerful! She is going to be the BEST queen, she will be fierce, powerful, kind and fair. When she was larning to use her fae powers with Rowan, I just loved the way that Celaena and him work so well together. And at the end of the book when Celaena proves herself to the fae queen and kicks ass and frees Rowan and Rowan become her blood-oath, I just CAN'T EVEN! 
The next character is Celaena's cousin Aedion, he is just the most lovely, amazing and LOYAL person EVER! Enough said, I just LOVE him. 
Since I didn't really like these two as much in this book I will put them together, Dorien and Choal, lets just say that I feel bad for Dorien and his sacrifice he made at the end of the book has my heart breaking and makes me want to read more!!! And Choal is just kinda ehhh, he didn't really do that much, all I know is that I DO NOT like him and Celaena together at the moment.... I will probs like him again later, but the the moment, just don't even look at me Choal! 
And I just HAD to save the best till last! Manon!!!! She is my FAVOURITE character (alongside Celaena and Rowan!). Manon is the most kick-ass witch and I loved her loyalty to her... dragon? She is amaze-balls and I will leave my fan girling there...
Overall, this book was truly INCREDIBLE and I am so happy with it!

Quote of the book:

It was easy to pick the quote of the book as soon as I saw this fabulous image! I am not sure who created this image, but seriously! I just LOVE this image!

Books in the series:
  1. Throne of Glass
  2. Crown of Midnight 
  3. Heir of Fire 
  4. Queen of Shadows
  5. Coming soon! (expected publishing date: September 6th 2016)
Book containing all five novellas: The Assassin's Blade

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Star rating (out of 5):
I give this amazing book a star rating of 5/5 stars. I seriously feel as tough I have already fan-girled enough... But, I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done...

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This book is too great for words and I know that my review could NEVER give this book justice, so just take my word for it and go and read it!

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)