Sunday, 27 November 2016

Stages of Re-Reading a Book

↠ Stages of Re-Reading a Book ↞

Recently, I found myself in a position of self-conflict. Torn between reading one of the hundreds of books in my TBR. Or picking up a book that I have already read a thousand times...
It is obvious that I choose the later. 

But the one thing that pushed my need to re-read a book once again, was the fact that I went ONLINE BOOK SHOPPING!
Now don't get me wrong, Book Depository is actually my favourite online place to buy books. Not only does it have amazing deals for books, but it also has FREE SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA! Which is practically unheard of!

With my decision to buy the second book in the LUX bind-up by Jennifer L. Armentrout (including Opal and Origin), I thus decided that I should re-read the first two books. Which I proceeded to do in abbot four days... 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

↠ Phase 1 ↞

This is the first step towards you re-reading that book. You are probably feeling a book reading slump coming on and you know that the only thing that can save you now is to re-read your #1 favourite book. 

↠ Phase 2 ↞
You have finally taken that book of your shelf, no doubt it is a book that belongs to an amazing series that you cannot stop thinking about. 
If you are similar to myself, you would have not just chosen one book to re-read, but you probably have a pile of 5 books that you just have to read. Yet you still have a TBR pile that is growing by the second.
But who cares?! You are going to re-read this book now!

↠ Phase 3 ↞
By now, you have probably started reading this said book. You are so happy, this book brings you so much joy and you are remembering why this book meant so much to you! 

↠ Phase 4 ↞
Now you just finished the book. If you don't have the rest in the series you are frantic, looking online and running to the bookstore. And if this series is complete, you are probably a mess, wishing the book never ended and questioning why you llove this author who brings you so much (happiness) and misery. 

↠ Phase 5 ↞
You are now probably in a book reading slump, depressed that you finished a beloved book or deciding to repeat the process and re-read another series. 

Why do we book-worms do this to ourselves? 
No one knows, but legend tells that a book-worm lives a thousand lives.
And each page of there life is littered with the magic of others. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am so sad, this is going to be my last post on my laptop until who knows when... I am going to try my hardest to continue to post every other day, but the quality of my posts may be a bit different since I am going to be using a whole new device. But my cousin said I can use her laptop or I can use the desktop. So I am really happy about that! 

Also, I only have three days left of school until holidays! I am literally so pumped! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Question: How long until your Christmas holidays start? And if you could have any book for Christmas (published or not) what would it be?

Until next time, keep reading!
- Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)