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Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker | Book Review

Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker
Overview of the Book:
This book is set in a world where all magic is banned and witches are burnt on the stake. The main character Elizabeth, has been trained to be a witch hunter since she was 9. Alongside her best friend Caleb, they are the kings best. But when she is found in possession of witches herbs, she is sentenced to death.

But when the very people she has been trained to kill come to her rescue, things begin to change and Elizabeth begins to realise that all the things she believed may not actually be true...

General Opinion (Non-spoiler):
This book was so incredible! I’ve owned it since Christmas of 2015, but I had never actually decided to read it. But, the other day I started re-watching Merlin of Netflix and I really loved the banned magic and the old-world atmosphere. So when I needed a new book to read, I decided to pick this one up. And I am so glad that I did!

This book was so P E R F E C T in every single way.

Also a little side note – the cover of this book is actually stunning! As you can see in the above picture, just everything about it suits the book incredibly well! Although, when I first brought the book, I actually thought that there was a bee on the cover instead of a ‘voodoo doll’ being burnt... It’s a little weird that I brought the book even though I thought there was a bee on the cover...

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

General Opinion (Spoilers):
So, as I’ve already said, this book is downright amazing! But at different points in the book I was a little disappointed with the characters. Nothing to do with the authors writing! But just the fact that I found the characters to be a little bit stupid in the decisions that they made.

For instance, I don’t like the fact that Elizabeth and John have a thing going on... Like, trust me, I am usually the biggest shipper in books and like anything that involves a complex ‘love storyline,’ but this thing between Elizabeth and John just felt a little forced to me. And to be honest, I liked Elizabeth and Caleb way more. I would have even been fine with Elizabeth being with George, but her being with John feels a bit wrong...

And while I am talking about Caleb, I really felt a multitude of feels whenever he came into the story. My emotions went on a journey from: stop seeing Elizabeth as a child to go and save Elizabeth to oh hell no! you cannot be the inquisitor to awe they are still friends and he let her go to umm wait, why did he let her go to you’re an ass hat to oh hell no! don’t die!

Basically... I guess you could say I felt the feels...

One friendship that I totally supported the whole book was Fifer and Elizabeth. I love that in the beginning, they didn’t get along at all and then they seemed to develop a really close and cute friendship. Also since they are the only two girls in like the whole book, they were really able to be there for one another, which I found really nice.

At first, I was a little disappointed that Elizabeth wasn’t quite as kick-ass and a ninja fighter as I hoped. But as the book progressed, I really fell in love with the ways the fight scenes were written to be fast paced and compelled me to read more!

End of Spoilers!

The Verdict – Star Rating:
This book was such an amazing and perfect book to read. I flew through it and found that it was fast paced and incredibly engaging as a reader. So, I give this book a rating of 5/5 stars!
Basically, this book was incredible, had an amazing storyline and is full of magic and hunters and manipulation and trust and just everything that makes a book great!

Book Summary:
Witch Hunter is the perfect mix between Throne of Glass and Merlin. I have never actually read that many witch novels before, but this book has totally sold me on magic and kick-ass characters. I finished this book in a number of days and am in love with this series. 
The next time I walk past a bookshop I am investing in book 2, King Slayer, I M M E D I A T E L Y!

Bloggers Note:
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