Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Book girl talks the movie - The 5th Wave

I really loved the 5th Wave book, it was one of the first alien books (apart from the LUX series) that i have actually enjoyed and actually continued reading the series. 
I actually watched the trailer before I started to read the book, so like with every popular book-to-movie adaptation I want out and brought the first and second book and read them straight away. 
So it is pretty simple to say that I was so excited to watch the movie when it came out. 

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I went and watched the movie with a friend of mine and she absolutely adored it. Now don't get me wrong, the movie was really impressive and I really enjoyed it. 
But as the case with basically every book-to-movie adaptation, the book was better. 

I found that the movie had some really good changes to it. For instance I liked how they changed the reason for why Cassie didn't go to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (AKA. Camp Haven) with her brother Sam. It worked out better in the movie because her character's personality made it seem as though she wouldn't let her brother leave her side, like what happened in the book. So, I really liked that change. 

But one thing that really annoyed me was that a few of the funny scenes from the book weren't included in the movie. Because the 5th Wave is a pretty serious book/movie, I think that they should have included all the funny scenes that they could. And the part where Evan knocks and Cassie says comes in is really funny (you need to read the book to understand this - it's kind of hard to explain). 

Another thing that really annoyed me was the shipping that occurred in this movie, as seen in the image above - Cassie, Ben and Sam are such a cute little ship-family. Firstly, Ben is super cute looking and Cassie and him had real chemistry in some of the scenes from the movie. 
Spoiler alert! I don't want Cassie and Even to get together in the next movie because in the book Evan died in the second book.... So.... Yea.... I ship Ben and Cassie in the movie! 

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Anyway, that is just a little bit of me talking about how I liked the 5th Wave movie and what my emotions were. I really liked the movie! I really liked it a lot! But I still found it a little disappointing in parts. Although overall, I am now a shipper of Cassie and Ben! 

Thanks for reading this review! 
Until next time, keep reading!

-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)