Monday, 20 June 2016

Velvet review - written by Temple West

Attention! This review may contain spoilers that could reveal the story line or events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would just like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review!

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Quick overview:
When an evil demon is after you, the only thing that you can do is have a super hot vampire become your fake boyfriend slash bodyguard right? 
When Caitlin's mother dies and she has to uproot her whole life to move to live with people she can barley call family, she last thing she wants is to be marked by a demon and be scared for her life. But all that happens and the only form of protection that she has is a bipolar bad-boy vampire. 
But hey, what can you do?

(Velvet by Temple West)

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Personal opinion on the book:
My emotions regarding this book can only be described as... neutral. 
I didn't dislike it, but I also didn't love it. Most of the book I just sat there, flipping page by page while thinking: Why?
Now don't get me wrong! I actually thought that the idea for this book was really great! It was something a little different (although it did kind of remind me of a "Wattpad book"). But still, the characters felt cliche and bland. I didn't like the female lead, she was just a little too helpless for me. And the male lead! Gosh, he was such a moody prick! One minute he loved her and the other he wouldn't look at her! 
The only character I did like was the little brother of the male lead and the best friend of the female lead. (Can you see how I am not using their names? That's cause I don't remember them! The charterers were just that forgettable...)
Overall, this book was very easy to read and was well written, although I am not the biggest fan of it, it was still a fantastic book to read. 

Star rating (out of 5):
This book was nothing special, but was still a nice and easy read. I give this book a 3/5 stars. 
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Okay, so my sister and I just started season 3 of the Arrow. And I already love it! 
I also received two packages in the mail! One is a book to review from an author and the other is my YA Chronicles book box! 
Today has just been the best day! 
I will hopefully be posting quite a lot these holidays, but just letting you know, if I'm not active over the weekend, I have an excuse! It's my birthday!!! 
Anyway, thanks for reading this post! Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)